The NOLA Snoball Finder is an app that shows users all of the snoball stands and flavors in New Orleans. You know, the important stuff.

The Challenge

I worked on this project with a small team from concept and to finish, launching our MVP on the App Store and Google Play after development.

This project began as a gift to the city of New Orleans in honor of Peter Mayer’s (the agency) 50th anniversary. We wanted to identify an area of opportunity in the city that hadn’t yet been tapped, something that could become a digital product but also connect to Peter Mayer’s history.

Pete, the man and original owner of Peter Mayer, loved snoballs across the city. We noticed for all of the many stands available, all had different hours of operations, offerings, and seasonality. There was no way to look at their menus and find consistent information between them or even compare stands. From this, we began to concept our NOLA Snoball Finder.

The Process

The team and I came up with two target users:

  • The Local who has a lifelong love for snoballs, is from New Orleans, could have any job with moderate income, and skews mid 30s to 70s.

  • The Parent who has young children, moderate to high income, at least one young child (12 or under) and skews mid 20s to late 30s.

We went around the agency asking coworkers who fit our profiles what they would want out of a snoball-centric app. We found across the board our potential users wanted specific hours, contact info, and directions for each stand. Our younger parents also wanted not only the flavors from each stand, but they specifically wanted to see which stands had special options like sugar-free and all-natural flavors.

To start designing, we first created wireframes, uploaded a working prototype to InVision, tested it with some of our colleagues to work out the kinks, and moved on to high fidelity designs once we got approval from our managers.

Find it on the App Store (it’s got 4.7 stars).



I created the pixel style of the brand and UI using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator as a nostalgic throwback reflecting the old but fun tradition of eating snoballs in the city. The style is playful and retro, appealing to our targets: the young kids and and the young at heart who love the sweet treat. Once a style was established, I built the app UI in Adobe XD.


Intro screen

This first screen introduces the branding with a detailed pixelated illustration of New Olreans by local motion graphics company Flatland. With my art direction and crude sketches of the layers of New Orleans laid out like a side-scrolling game, we were able to capture the colorful essence of the city in 16-bit graphics.


I created each illustration and icon square by square from scratch to look like old-school 16-bit video game graphics.

The app is still available and used today.