This new website for Peter Mayer Advertising was created to match their refreshed branding and celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

The Challenge

My team and I started this project collecting data about our visitors and what our stakeholders believed is the site's purpose. We knew being employees that they wanted the site to really show off our work and draw in new clients—but the old site wasn't working to lift that weight.

Through rounds of sketches, wireframes, and internal reviews, we decided on a layout and style that would be clean enough to highlight all of the agency's work but still inject a bit of their personality into the website.


I worked with a developer and copy writer to translate the old branding and site design into a new eye-catching portal to show off the work and clients.


To add some interactivity to the homepage, I created these illustrations to represent the different departments and services of the agency. Before, they were nine blocks of copy presenting an overwhelming amount of information to the user. Now, when a user selects one icon or another, the module changes based on the selection and more information about the category becomes available.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 5.05.26 AM.png

For the overall layout, I chose a simple neutral structure that let photography and portfolio work shine. Key words and elements are highlighted with pops of their brand orange.